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„TALENTMOTOR - Training for creative skills“ is a project for empowerment and professional education. Are you a creative artist, unemployed or struggling with self employment or freelancing in irregular intervals? Need a new start, or inspiration to improve your marketing, selling concept, employment vision? We offer training to "strengthen your creativity", targeting self development, soft skills, self marketing and methods to improve your presentation and marketability, all in a friendly encouraging environment. Participation doesn’t cost a dime, just determination to make a positive change for the future. The project will run from January - May 2017 and can be conducted in both German and English languages.

A final presentation of the work will be shown in the Fujiama Nightclub Show Revue in the HEIMATHAFEN NEUKÖLLN in the spring of 2017. We are looking forward to meeting and working with you!


Try something new? Jobs, Chances, Possibilities

The participants should find new career perspectives based on their own individual qualifications at the start of the project. The goal is, that after completion of the project each participant should be capable to implement what they have learned and put it into practice.
The outcome could be for example, a new product on the market, a new album, a service, further studies, a store concept. Knowledge and capabilities are to be polished and strengthened, improving qualifications acting as a kickstart into the job market.
This could mean leaving your previous occupation, and seeking a new direction.

Developing  your own product, realise an idea

4 month period (January - May 2017)
There will be training seminars and coaching modules offered.
The goal here is personal development, individual empowerment, as well as  teamplay and exchange.
Individual dates and appointments will be made with all participants.
The selection of participants will be carried out through our network.
Training and workshops when possible should occur during the day hours.

The exact timetable with workshops and seminars will be set together with the participants and will start at the beginning

of January 2017.

Create your new career perspective and learn how to put it into effect

Spotlight Talent will provide you with a certificate after successful completion of the course as documentation of what was learned and accomplished, including name, personal information, list of the qualifications, soft skills, and competence acquired.

Who can participate? This project is conceived exclusively for creative people living in Berlin, Neukölln, all adult ages are welcome.  For unemployed, irregular self-employed, freelancer, former employed and looking for a new career orientation, or just getting started in the business.  Participant limit, 8 persons.

Participation is free of charge.


The project will run from January - May 2017 and will be conducted in both German and English languages.

Send applications and biographies to:
contact (at) spotlighttalent.de
Application has ended

Please telephone here for further questions:

Philip Marcel philipmarcel.jimdo.com
Project leader. Project Manager, Culture Manager, Art Director
Board of Directors ST e.V.
M 0178 5524 356

Morris Perry  www.fujiamanightclub.com/morris-perry
Project Leader. Choreographer, Coach
Board of Directors ST e.V.
M 0172 311 4863

Anna Carolina Türk http://truthcircles.com
Trainer Facilitator/Leadership, Coaching

contact (at) spotlighttalent.de

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